"Quality Sleep"
Specialized Hotel

Our establishment is an inviting "destination hotel" created around comfortable spaces.
To ensure you enjoy a delightful time beyond the ordinary, we're thrilled to present five highlights of our hotel's appeal.

We promote "High-Quality Sleep"

12.6-inch Mattress from Slumberland, Supplier to the British Royal Family

Offering the Ultimate Sleep Experience with one of the thickest 12.6-inch Mattress. Experience a level of comfort that is a step above what you'd find in your daily life at our hotel.

Split Bathroom

To ensure a comfortable experience for you, we consider it’s important to provide relax bath time and morning shower time.

Variety of Pillows to Choose From

Pillow rental area at 1st floor offers a variety of pillows; suitable for side sleepers, good breathable, moderate support and so on.
We also provide measuring instruments you can measure the depth of the S-shape of your head and neck. It would help you to choose a pillow that suits you.

Adjustable Lighting to Suit Your Preferences

You can adjust the brightness and color of the lighting to create a relaxing or sleepy atmosphere. By dimming to a warm color about an hour before bedtime, your body naturally begins to prepare for sleep. It is also available to adjust a bedside reading light at your preferred angle to provide indirect lighting. It is also available to adjust a bedside reading light at your preferred angle to provide indirect lighting.

Well-Equipped Outlets for Convenience and Functionality

All rooms are available for free Wi-Fi and lots of outlets to support comfortable mobile work.

Selectable Bath Salts

In addition to shampoo in the bathroom, you can freely choose from various types of Bath Salts.


Approximately 7 minutes by train from Sannomiya.
Conveniently located just a 1-minute walk from Shinkaichi Station!
Approximately 35-40 minutes by Hankyu train or Hanshin train from Umeda Station.
Four lines, Hankyu Electric Railway, Hanshin Electric Railway, Kobe Electric Railway, and Sanyo Electric Railway, are available for easy access to the center of Kobe and Osaka.
Additionally, it's only a 35-minute drive to USJ, making it convenient for both business and leisure travelers.
〒652-0812 4-1-11 Minatocho, Hyogo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
Nearby Facilities
Noevir Stadium Kobe
8 minutes by car, 20 minutes by bus
Kobe Harbor land
(Kobe Anpanman Children's Museum & Mall)
8 minutes by car, 20 minutes by bus